Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we were delayed in the printing of our 2020 directory. In response we decided to combine the 2020 with the 2021.

WIN Publishing was established in 1991 by John and TJ Klein as a Hillsdale County business. John and TJ have resided in Hillsdale County since 1985 and have raised 3 children here.

Beginning in 1993, WIN Publishing began publishing the Community Plus+ Magazine. The Community Plus+ Magazine was published with the philosophy on bringing good news to the county on a monthly basis.

The Community Plus+ was published until 2000 when WIN Publishing decided topublish a county-wide phone directory. Starting in 2011 our county-wide directory namewas updated to The Greater Hillsdale County Phone Directory.

The marketing team of Cindy and Al Eckhardt, long-time Hillsdale residents, has handled advertising sales in previous publications. Sadly, Al passed away March 8, 2015. He is greatly missed as a friend and business associate.

WIN Publishing will continue to work hard to be recognizable as the #1 phone directory in Hillsdale County which also includes Devils Lake/Manitou Beach. Our website, provides complete access to the information found in our directory.

WIN Publishing continues to operate with the philosophy that integrity is the most important attribute a company or an individual can possess. With integrity, all other attributes fall into place.

While we feel that printed directories will exist for some time, WIN Publishing also recognizes that much of the future will be in the online community. We also realize that home land-based telephone lines are disappearing.

In response to the online community, we have established our directory online at And we will continue to upgrade our website to meet our user and client needs.

Our answer to the land-based line disappearing act is to provide you with the opportunity to put your mobile or other alternative phone number in The Greater Hillsdale County Phone Directory. There is a form on or on page 28 in this directory.

In addition to publishing magazines and directories, WIN Publishing also provides other services for clients including; web design, printing of most projects, audio/video production, commercial and portrait photography, and marketing consultation.